The plan for April

March is now over and done with and as such, it is time for me to asses how it went and make a plan for April.
There has been some request for some Minecraft content. Therefore, I have decided to start doing “Minecraft Mondays”. Starting this will likely be some modded Minecraft though it may very well end up being some vanilla with viewers or on a public server, only time will tell.
The keen-minded may have realised that means I will be streaming Mondays now which will be as an addition to the Wednesday stream. On Wednesday we will be starting “Variety Wednesdays”. This will mean it will be on Wednesdays that I will be playing my TFT and my EU4 or whatever else I may find a liking too. This also makes it easier for you the viewer as you know what you can expect from me and the channel.

Here you have the schedule for April. As always the days that don’t have anything planned you may find me online anyway it will 100% depend on how I am feeling on that particular day.
I will be posting a write up on my disassociation as well as the problem I have in particular concerning my ASD diagnosis. As you all witnessed during the last stream I disassociate from time to time during stressful situations in particular. When this happens during a stream I will likely always need to end the stream to give the situation the attention that is needed to take hold of reality again. It is therefore important to me that you all have something to reference when it happens in the future.

As always should you be in need of more updates keep my site bookmarked and head over to all of my socials and follow/subscribe to stay connected.

– ÒvÓ