I am…

I am many things amongst which is: Developer, Streamer, Autistic, Detail-oriented, and Creative to name a few.

As a developer, I have worked with Unity3D at a hobby level and Microsoft Dynamics NAV at a professional one.

I’ve been streaming on and off on twitch between 2014 and 2019. I started doing it on a more professional level at the beginning of 2020.

In February 2016 I got an ASD diagnosis. At the time it was called Aspergers though it has since been taken into the general ASD umbrella term. I have always prefered the term ASD anyway so that worked out nicely for me. 😉
My difficulties regarding my autism aren’t obvious at first which has shown itself to be a blessing and a curse.
Me being detail-oriented is 100% tied to my autism as well as my logical thought process and my knack for analysis so overall I believe strongly that I am better with it than without it. This is also the reason that I talk about it openly whenever someone asks about it.
The taboo about mental illness and neural diversity is in my humble opinion retarded.

My creativity comes out in my programming as well as several other outlets. I make “armour”; currently working on ‘Danebro’ in the classical 4-in-1 European armour style. I’ve also used those same skills to make jewellery and table decorations.
I spent a bit of time on writing as well anything from sci-fi novels to poetry.
The next creative project will be learning an instrument. I am not yet sure which it will be I’m going between a Ukulele, Kalimba and a Keyboard.